White candy floss on spindles of dark brown stretching towards the sky

After three weeks of pretty intense work, both at our jobs and at the farm we took the weekend off and escaped to the cottage. Project “move to the farm” requires so much planning, organizing and just plain old elbow grease. Every where we turn there is something that needs doing. Most of this is fun, but when deadlines have to be met at work and the timeframe for ordering things for the project is slim, life can be a little too challenging.

It was really lovely to get away and although the weather forecast wasn’t too good, the weather never matters at the cottage. We take what we get and enjoy every minute, whether we are stuck indoors or can get outside for some skiing or a walk.

During Friday night it snowed quite a bit it and we woke up to a grey day, with masses of snow blanketing everything within its reach. The clouds hung low letting stray snowflakes float down intermittently. The fairly high humidity ensured that the snow stuck to the trees. The trees looked as if someone had spun them in candy floss and stuck the spindles in the ground.

I so love the contrast of the white against the dark brown tree trunks and branches. The wind had also whipped snow against the trunks and the frosting was everywhere. I am so grateful to have picked up the camera again after years of not using it as much. The camera opens up my creativity and makes me see things I previously would have passed by or ignored.

Can you see the beauty of this grey day?

I went skiing, nobody had gone before me and the going was pretty heavy in 20-30 cm deep snow. Stopping for a pause, the only sound I could hear was the quick thumping of my heart. There was no other sound to be heard, nothing moved – all was still – and the vista of the snow, the trees and the mountains in the distance was achingly beautiful. I just stood there, waited for my heart to be still and in that stillness became part of the nature surrounding me.

PS: I struggle with finding the right white balance setting for snow. If anyone out there can help me with some guidelines, I would be very grateful for some help!