Our lovely ball of fur

Brian’s lovely post “forever shining”made me want to share a picture of our lovely fur ball “Snorre” – an icelandic sheepdog we have grown to love deeply over the last 13 years. He is still going strong and insists on his carrot everyday after his evening meal.

He is a character, well known all over town, with friends every where. Whenever my husband has a stop in a store or other places where his errands take him, he sends Snorre in first to do his greeting rounds. He knows exactly where to go to get the most cuddles and where he might find an extra tidbit. Some are even known to have their own stash of carrots to give him. He especially likes the small snacking ones.┬áHe “owns” the front seat of my husband’s Chevy van and if I need a lift for some reason I get delegated to the back seat ;D

I hope you enjoyed meeting him! He is so much a part of our lives that I need to share him with you.