A window into two very different worlds …

This weekend was very, very special. We travelled to Røros, a Norwegian city which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We have been there once before, but this time we came as audience to see a charity event organized to support the work of a very special young man,  Erlend Johannesen, a young Norwegian with a belief that it is possible to make a difference. Traveling in the Philippines, he saw and felt the dire plight of the children living on the streets of Tacloban. He believed that he could make a difference and started Streetlight in 2004.  Since then the project has grown and many are involved, but there is always the constant need for money. Read more about Streetlight here, and if you feel like contributing to one of their projects, please, please do so. Every penny, cent, kroner or whatever coinage you feel like giving, goes directly to projects which help these kids. There are no administrative costs. All who contribute, give their time and talents for free.

The concert in Røros church was absolutely amazing. Very talented Norwegian singers and actors contributed. Stories were told about the children of Tacloban and we saw films and pictures of how these children live and the hope and self-esteem which some of them were able to get back after receiving support from Streetlight. Many a tear was shed in the church and not one of us present walked away without being extremely emotionally stirred. Christian and I would like to thank everyone who contributed for a very special time!

In the picture below you can see the church tower in the background. In the foreground are some of the old, old buildings that Røros is known for. One day I hope you will able to see this amazing town for yourself, but in the meantime I have tried to capture the atmosphere that prevails in every corner of this town.

You will of course understand why I have called this post a window into two very different worlds. The plight of the children in Tacloban is so very opposite from life in Røros and Norway. At the same time, when Røros first was established, life here was extremely tough. Children worked down in the mines, the climate was and still is extremely harsh, and food and warmth was hard to come by for most of the mining families living here. How far most of us in Norway have come today and how very, very lucky we are!

I still have many pictures I would like to share with you, but these will have to wait until another day. This post is long enough. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and my thoughts and if you can send a coin or two to Streetlight, I know for certain that it will most definitely be used well.

A helping hand