Who am I?

I am a Norwegian woman, born and bred in the Far East (first twelve years in Japan, a few in Norway, then Singapore for ten years.) As a result my taste in food is very diverse, and I especially like Japanese and spicy Melaccan food.  The taste of the laksa at the YWCA in Singapore still makes my mouth water. I am an adept cook, and I am especially fond of baking bread.  I have recently ventured into making sour dough breads with reasonably successful results.  I am the proud owner of a Thermomix, which I can no longer live without.

I am remarried to my lovely Christian and between us we have three boys and one girl, all over twenty years of age.  In other words well on their way out of the nest.img_2687

We also have an Icelandic sheepdog called Kiljan, who is quite a character.