The house that was left behind


Some years ago we drove past a sorry house. It had obviously been abandoned and was in a very bad shape. It looked to us as if the inhabitants had just upped and left. It is always sad to see a house in this state. Who were the people who had lived here? Why had they suddenly left?

Last summer we drove past the house again. Now it was boarded up and looked even sadder. I presume that it will be torn down in the not so distant future. I am sure it has lots of stories to tell if it could speak …..


One thought on “The house that was left behind

  1. Hei, Kari Anne,

    Så hyggelig å motta «A moment of my/your time” igjen. Nydelig fotografering – og hva om huset hadde kunnet fortelle – – -. Slå på tråden en dag du er i Oslo a’. Klem fra Helle

    > 9. jan. 2017 kl. 16.21 skrev A moment of my time : > >

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