Early morning light

There are times I look out the window and just know that I will be able to get a good picture if I just hurry up and get out there. Last Sunday morning was one of those mornings. It was cold and windy, but the early morning light was gorgeous. We were spending the weekend at Blixland Riding Centre where the Norwegian Alpaca Society was holding an alpaca show. Two of our alpacas were in the show and we were pleased with their results.

We were put up in a summer cabin, which wasn’t insulated at all, and with a duvet which was only meant for summer, the first night was spent shivering in bed with all our clothes on. Fortunately we were given better duvets and more heating the night after. We woke up to this lovely morning:


The clear blue sky and the sun rising slowly over the horizon created a lovely atmosphere. There was not a single soul up and about, except for these two horses:

DSC07875I love how the light illuminated the hay wagon and

Høyvogn i morgenlys - KAT Pausthow it made the red paint on the barn glow.

DSC07870Can you sense the atmosphere?


4 thoughts on “Early morning light

  1. As always I am a little late with my comments, but yes, you are so right; the light in these pictures are gorgeous. And combined with the crisp and clean air of early spring it makes for some beautiful pictures. Of course now we are seasonally heading in the different direction…

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