What an incredible year this has been!

Round about this time last year I moved to the farm, whilst Christian held the fort in Oslo. Officially the move wasn’t done before July 15, but I needed to be there to keep an eye on the work that had to be done; carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. There was a lot that needed doing and things were happening fast. It was impossible to follow up by phone. We were lucky, spring came early and we could start work much faster than we had expected.

For some time now I have felt the need to recap the events of this past year, to get them down in writing so that we can remember how eventful it has been.

Skimming through the photographs from this past year there are so many I want to share with you. I’ve chosen to present them in a gallery – a faster way for you to look through them. I could have posted many more, but for fear of being boring I have tried to be selective.

Apart from moving to Bjørnerud, the main events have been:
April – selling my parents place in the mountains,  breaking my wrist and deciding to buy alpacas.
May – starting work on the conservatory and finally moving into the new sunny kitchen. The local Lions Club fencing in the fields for the alpacas.
June – the death of my mother, the birth of our first cria (baby alpaca) and the total renewal of 300 meters of road. A messy business due to the clay ground.
July – the final move to the farm which my fantastic husband did practically on his own. I was handicapped by my arm.
August – The handover of our house in Oslo to the new owners and the arrival of our alpacas. More pictures «of the garden we left behind» can be seen here.
September/October – We had a gorgeous autumn with the red and gold leaves hanging on to the trees for ages and ages. There were also quite a bit of wild mushrooms. I spent some time canning different jams and marmalades in our lovely new kitchen and learning how to bake sour dough bread. I’ve also learnt to make Norwegian flat bread!
At work we celebrated 50 years of UWC’s existence with a grand event at the Oslo City Hall and a photo exhibition in front of the City Hall. The exhibition was the result of a world wide photo competition amongst UWC alumni and staff. The event had been planned for two years and involved many who worked hard for a fantastic result.
November – The cold came early and we have had a long, cold winter with temperatures down to -25ºC for several weeks. But the sun was generally out and there hasn’t really been that much snow, at least not in our area.
December – Christmas was spent at the cottage with our grown up kids. We had a week of peaceful days, but it snowed and snowed and it was difficult to get outside. Even the boys struggled to get through 50cm of loose powdery snow on cross country skis. New Year’s Eve was celebrated quietly at the farm with friends.
January through to March – We have gradually adjusted to our new lives and not for a single day have we regretted making the move and changing our life style. The winter has been much colder than we had expected, but it is a dry cold which doesn’t penetrate like a damp one does.

This past year has also brought a lot of knowledge;
– about alpacas
– about running a farm
– about forestry
– about photography
and much, much more.

Although it has been a demanding year I wouldn’t for the world have been without this time. I am truly grateful for all the support we have been given by old and new friends. We can never thank you enough!

There is so much more  I could have written about – but it would have made this post too long. Hopefully you will have found something that interests you and perhaps you will take the time to flip through the gallery to see some of what we have experienced this past year. We are now looking forward to a another year, with new challenges, new friends and new knowledge! Hopefully the challenges will not come at such a fast rate as the previous year…

The nicest things about the farm is the peace that surrounds it, the beautiful views from every window and spot on the property and the energy that it gives us.

This place truly feels like home.

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