Not any old brook …

Winter brookThis is a snow covered brook – but it is not any old brook. It is the brook that runs along the border of the farm on one side. It is lying there now quietly, preparing itself for the spring rush of water which is still some time off.

In spring it is all mossy and green – the ferns glistening in the damp spray of rain and humid air.

SONY DSCDown in the grooves of stone and moss is a fascinating world of colors and smells, the strong smell of disintegrating wood and earth will swirl around your nose. I like this smell, it is the smell of the earth and helps me to keep in touch with it.

SONY DSCIn autumn the the brook runs cheekily down its course, singing its merry song to all who take the time to listen and wonder. Sitting on a stone by its course it is easy to let the world stand still and to be present in the here and now. All worries are washed away and I am just where I am supposed to be.

SONY DSCAlthough the brook is beautiful in winter, I am longing for the time when it will wake up from its winter sleep, to let me once again listen to its merry song.

3 thoughts on “Not any old brook …

  1. It’s fun to follow the brook through the seasons. It looks like a lovely place, and those pictures are certainly lovely. Brings the brook alive. By the way thanks for the the question about the world press photo. I haven’t had time to answer yet, but I will get back to you. Ha en fin helg!

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