What made me smile in January 2012?

A new year’s resolution this year was to challenge myself to take note of moments or situations that made me smile, happy or especially pleased every single month of 2012. So here is a small list for January. I know there is much, much more I am grateful for and could mention, to list them all would be too demanding on both you and me.

This little snowman in ice said hello one morning as I came up from the underground on my way to work. His cheery countenance greeted me and kept me smiling for quite some time.

My little brother

Tidying up at the farm I came across this photo of my little brother. Isn’t he just adorable? I had forgotten about this photo, but found it in an old album. The picture is scanned – that’s why it is a bit blurry.

My darling husband, brings me coffee in bed every single morning and it is a very special moment we both look forward to every day. Lying in bed hearing him pottering around in the kitchen gives me a very warm feeling in my heart. After a bit the smell of coffee wafts into the bedroom and then I hear both him and Snorre, our dog, come up the stairs. A wet little nose snuffles under the duvet to get his morning kiss and then Mr. C gets his kiss. The minutes we spend sharing thoughts before starting our day are precious.

Mr. C


It’s also been quite fun pottering around the farm discovering old, funny, strange and beautiful evidences of the lives that have lived there before us. One day I hope to bring you some photographs of the bits and pieces we come across.

In January I also discovered Etsy – a marketplace for creative souls around the world. Browsing through this site has been an eye opener, and has given me and gives me lots of creative ideas! Creativity abounds and the resourcefulness of people amazes me!

Pinterest has also proved to be useful in the planning process and a great place to collect all kinds of ideas. Some things that make me smile are collected there too.

What have been your happy moments in January? How about sharing them?


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