Catching my breath whilst sharing some photos from Røros

Time has flown since my last post … it worries me a little. I would have liked to have posted at least twice by now, but work and life has been pretty hectic since the start of the year. So much so that inspiration has been lacking.

However, in November I promised you some more pictures from Røros, so now is perhaps the time to post them, when my brain is pretty “toast”!

We spent some time wandering around the town, and around every corner there was something to surprise, delight or amuse. Like this entry to a potters workshop.

A self portrait?

Or, how about this charming back yard?

And just around the corner this wagon which probably had been full of lovely plants when it wasn’t full of snow.

We also popped in on a local bazar, had coffee and Norwegian waffles and enjoyed the happy and to us, slightly quaint atmosphere.

People were definitely having a good time and old friends were sharing gossip.

Further on we came upon this sad teddy – he certainly didn’t look very happy. All he wanted was to settle into a little child’s warm and caring arms.

Now isn’t this a beauty, although it’s nearly covered in snow?

I’ll leave you with this for now, but will be back soon. I promise!


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