All gone!

See how the ice is floating above the water?

On Saturday ice crunched under our feet, the wind was icy cold and fingers and ears needed to stay in pockets and under woolly hats.

On Sunday I had hoped to catch more pictures of the wonderful ice patterns, but the weather had suddenly turned much warmer. Two layers of clothing less, in fact it was just too warm to wear anything more than my favorite shirt from Icebreaker. I did get some other nice photos though. I’ll share them with you soon.

But here are two more of the ice pictures I snapped on Saturday:

I am always amazed at nature’s creativity! Tell me that you are just as captivated as I am… See too how lovely the frozen cloudberry leaves are (they are the brown hand shaped ones):

I have enjoyed sharing this with you. Have you enjoyed seeing the pictures?


3 thoughts on “All gone!

    • Thanks – it’s always great to get a nice response! At the moment Norway is pretty dismissal, the wettest and warmest winter for years. Everything is grey and dismal. It’s a challenge to go out and find good pictures – hopefully the sun will shine soon 🙂

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