The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention

These words by Julia Cameron in “the Artist’s Way” describe so well what this blogg is all about. The attention to detail in all the small things which make up the environ of our lives, from minute to minute, hour to hour and day to day, finally turning into years and then a life lived.

Taking delight in all the little things which surround me and capturing those moments in my mind, on a piece of paper or with my camera. Little things that make me happy or sad, curious and/or reflective, at peace or outraged, surprised and wondrous. The meticulous measuring of ingredients to create a perfect meal, a lovely cake or a generous loaf of bread, which fills the whole house with the delightful smell of freshly baked bread.

The attention to detail when taking a photograph, to the light, the depth of field, what to include and what to exclude. Hoping to be able to convey my thoughts and feelings about the image to others, once it leaves its creator.

The exercise of attention becomes an act of meditation, stilling the mind, leaving me at peace with myself and all the world, at least for a little while and making me always want to come back for more of the same.


4 thoughts on “The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention

  1. This is lovely. I really enjoy looking at your photographs. You are so good at capturing the detail in the ordinary and I loved the way you described your ways of taking delight in the small things. You have truly made it into a daily meditation. I can see where Caroline gets it from! I will be following you now!!!

    With love

    Sister Galadriel xx

  2. Thanks Sherry – sometimes it’s hard to see the little things when we’re on the go all the time. That’s why I love that I have taken up my camera again and started blogging. Having committed to blogging forces me to regularly go out, see with my heart and try to convey what I see, both in pictures and words. A great week to you too!

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