Our new paradise

Enter into our new paradise from the forest

or from the down the hill

We have fallen in love with this place

and are looking forward to moving here in and to look out on this view

and to walk in these forests

Will you visit one day?


5 thoughts on “Our new paradise

    • Thanks Michael. Yes, we are moving there in a year or so. It needs some doing up inside before we do, and I quite agree with you, I would have loved to live in the forest but it can get a bit cold on winter. At its worst -30ºC.

      • -30…?!? I can’t imagine such extreme temperatures, I often wonder if people are telling fibs when they talk about it!

        Here in the UK life grinds to a complete halt the moment it drops below freezing. You Scandinavians are tougher than us Anglo Saxons, that’s for sure.

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